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Does Your Cherry Tree Need a Check-Up?

Does Your Cherry Tree Need a Check-Up?

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It may be difficult for you to tell if your tree is healthy. If you’re concerned about the health of your trees, turn to Tree Doctors Emergency Tree Service of Nashville, TN. We’ll make sure your trees are safe and in good shape. We can also administer treatments and take proactive measures to prevent future issues.

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3 diseases and pests that can threaten the health of your trees

Trees can suffer from infections and diseases just as humans do. Here are a few of the issues that commonly affect trees in the Nashville, TN area:

  1. Dutch elm disease – a fungus that prevents water and sugar from being transported throughout the tree
  2. Canker rot – a fungal disease that affects the heartwood and sapwood of the tree
  3. Emerald ash borer – insect larvae that feed on the inner bark of ash trees

You can count on Tree Doctors Emergency Tree Service to address the needs of your tree.